Too Day (2018) is an interactive performance experience. It debuted at the 23rd Annual Cucalorus Festival in Wilmington, NC.

Over the course of 3 hours, Call Your Mom welcomed groups of 4 randomly selected participants to join in the rituals of Too Day, the only holiday celebrated solely among strangers. Audience members watch and listen as we read from The Book of Too Day, written by Call Your Mom and bound in collaboration with Press Press. We lead them through rituals that celebrate how little they know one another.

Call Your Mom adapted Too Day for the Janet & Walter Sondheim Artscape Prize Semifinalist Exhibition. The Stations of Too Day (below) were displayed around the performance space to guide participants through the rituals of the holiday.

I. Enter Not Knowing

II. Give Yourself a Name
III. Trade Names With Your Pair
IV. Sit Across From Your Pair

V. Receive Your Place in Time
VI. Show Your Pair Your Place
VII. Crinkle Your Place in Time
VIII. Pick Up Your Pear

IX. Whisper A Secret To Your Pear

X. Trade Pears With Your Pair
XI. Eat Your Pair’s Pear
XII. Smush Faces

XIII. Admire Your Oils
XIV. Raise Your Whine
XV. Chant Together
XVI. Remain Strangers

Staged photos above by Nate Gregorio. Documentation photos below by Clay Scofield.

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