Call Your Mom is a multimedia performance collective founded in 2014.

Known for interdisciplinary, immersive works, Call Your Mom uses video, installation, movement, and participatory performance to facilitate reflective spaces for ourselves and our audiences. Call Your Mom's structure is horizontal— all four voices hold equal weight in the process. Our practice relies on shared curiosity as a motivating vehicle for physical research. Honoring and combining our individual ideas keeps Call Your Mom distinct in aesthetic and flexible in medium. 

Our thoughts on collaboration:

  • When we are authentic in collaborative practices, new languages are possible.
  • Collaboration requires trust and eager engagement.
  • As collaborators, we define the rules of ownership. Ownership is collective and each idea is built from the culture of our togetherness.
  • Audiences can be viewers and collaborators.
  • Collaboration is a commitment to one another in resistance to a transactional culture. Prolonged collaboration means trusting in the unlimited giving of each collaborator without needing to reap the benefits.
  • Collaboration creates its own beauty.


Via Email: wearecallyourmom [at] gmail [dot] com

On Instagram:

Individually: Emma, ElifSophieMia


You can make a tax-deductible donation to Call Your Mom! Donations allow us to continue offering free/sliding-scale workshops and performances.


Work: Say You’re Sorry (2023), SYS Process (2019-22), Too Day (2018-19), Household (2017), THIS CLOSE (2016), Call Your Mom (2014)

About Us: Statement + Contact, Collective CV